Final Project Layout Ideas

We have had a few ideas about how we would like to present our work in the gallery but nothing is certain yet as we are unsure of the final outcome of our project.

Ideally we would like to present 3 agar faces, smeared in bacteria. The three faces we would like, will be:

Face 1 – Myself, with makeup on

Face 2 – Freddie, without makeup on

Face 3- Mell, without makeup on

This combination is to give us a wide spread of bacteria that will hopefully vary within it’s appearance. We have made this sketch to show a possible idea that we are working on at the moment . As you can see, it would be a large sealed perspex box with our three faces inside – we hope that they will be sitting on a perspex shelf with light shining from underneath. Due to the clear nature of Agar, the light shining through will (hopefully) be really aesthetically pleasing and make the bacteria really stand out. We have been thinking about having acetate slides of the edges of the piece, showing our gram-staining images. We were so happy with the outcomes that we feel it would be such a shame not to include them in the work somehow. Another aspect that we have chatted about is perhaps holding a small lab workshop with viewers to help engage them with the work, I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity and know others would get just as excited about it !! We discussed how gram staining would be the most feasible and rewarding experiment as we could collect and grow the bacteria previous to the experience, making it fairly straightforward.


We have put together this small photo album just to show our strongest images to hand in as our physical work. Due to the current ephemeral nature of our physical work, representations through photographs are all we are able to hand in – our masks disintegrate and mold over, and we cannot transport bacteria!

DSC_0048 DSC_0049 DSC_0050 DSC_0052 DSC_0051


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