Antimicrobial Agents and Bacteria Research

Most of the natural antibiotics that are being used in agriculture and medicine are produced by three unrelated groups of microbes, including eucaryotic molds and two types of spore-forming bacteria. However, many culturable, and some non culturable microbes, have been shown to produce various substances that inhibit other organisms that grow in their space.

I absolutely love this one below, it is so delicately beautiful, it reminds me of a galaxy. I love the way that the bacteria has formed almost a cotton wool like texture that moves in wispy circular motions. It is called Bacilli and is Gram-positive, rod-shaped and is an aerobic bacteria that lives in the soil. They play an important ecological role in aerobic decomposition, biodegradation and mineral recycling.


This amazing bacteria formation looks almost like wood rings, almost perfect in their concentric pattern. This is formed by Actinomycetes which is a group of branched bacteria that reproduce by spore formation.Most actinomycetes are inhabitants of the soil and give soil its characteristic odor due to the production of substances, called geosmins, by these bacteria



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