Face Moulding with Vacuum

Although the bacteria growth aspect of our project is going well, we have not yet found a successful way to create a complete and detailed mask of a face. The alginate is too fragile and falls apart, and although the modrock is great and lasts – the detail is not as great as we believe is possible.

We have been looking into the possibilities of using plastic and a vacuum in order to create a face shape. This method is used to create really detailed plastic casts. The benefits of using plastic for this particular project are:

  • Easy to clean and re-use for various attempts (we know this from the jelly moulds).
  • They turn out easily, not leaving any small bits behind, unlike the modrock cast.
  • Detail is retained.
  • Easy to sterilise
  • Easy to store – not going to shrink like the alginate.

This video from youtube shows the method of this particular possibility and shows how it is possible to attempt at home using an oven and a vacuum cleaner. The only issue here is to still create a strong positive from plaster or resin on which to base the cast upon.

I have also been trying to do some research on how they manufacture clear mannequin heads, as this may shed some light on other possibilities. I’ve found very little, apart from some information regarding a ‘plastic blowing machine’ which I doubt we could get our hands on for the project.



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