Alginate Testing 2

We decided to buy our alginate from a more reputable and specialised place to see if that made any difference to the quality of the masks that we created. This alginate is from Scarva, who specialise in casting childrens faces.. it is the ‘fast set’ type, which should set within 5 minutes in cold water.


Initially we decided to do a positive of the modroc face cast as our previous examples of these positives had shrunk considerably from water-loss.


We were really happy with the outcome, it came out easily in one piece and did not have the crumbly texture of the previous alginate castings, it was smooth and held detail really well. We also attempted to do another face cast, however we ran into many problems with this particular mix. It set so quickly that we had not even got it out of the bowl before it had started to set, making it very patchy and broken on Mell’s face – even with ice cold water. Our only solution to this would be to buy the slow set alginate and see if this gives us a little more time. You can see from the bottom photo that it came out very split.



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