Gelatine & Alginate Experiment



Unfortunately, and strangely, our gelatine did not set in the alginate masks. The two came out at different consistencies too; one crystallised and the other stayed in a liquid form with small crystals starting to form – even though they were from the same batch of gelatine that were kept at the same temperature. I’m not sure why this happened, but we can always try again and see if the outcome is the same – perhaps they need to be refrigerated or the gelatine heated before the moulding. I did wonder if the cling film may have had anything to do with it.


The gelatine process kept the mask moist, so unlike the positive moulds of alginate faces, they did not shrink and shrivel. However, they did start to lose their shape underneath the weight of the gelatine and have slowly become less ‘face like’.


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