Experimenting with Alginate

Here is a youtube clip of our own experimentation with Alginate. We followed advice from youtube and the video I have previously posted, using cotton wool and mod roc to create our cast. We were running low on alginate, so only managed to make 2 casts within this session, although this took us a significant amount of time and was a great starting point for us. We quickly realised that it’s more difficult than we previously imagined, and that it requires a lot of testing and adaptations. For us, our mixture comes out fairly lumpy – which could be down to water quality but we found that it makes the substance quite difficult to work with. We also found that perhaps our layer is too thin, after watching our reference video again, it’s clear that we used significantly less mixture than the artist. I’m wondering if our alginate is not of good enough quality as it is from Cass Art.. so we have now ordered alginate from a hand and face casting company – so perhaps that will also give a clearer and easier to use product. The outcomes were fairly good considering it was our first attempt. The second cast broke in the nose and eye area, which reiterates my concerns about the thickness of our layer of alginate – something we will definitely experiment around once our next load of alginate is delivered.


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