Freezing Agar and Bacteria

I’ve been wondering about the possibilities with freezing agar and with freezing bacteria.. from research, I am aware that agar can hold its shape in high temperatures, but there is little information about the way agar reacts whilst thawing after freezing. I found this on

Agar is also a strongly gelling hydrocolloid. Typically, 1% agar is enough to make a rigid gel suitable for most applications. Thus, because of a high water content, damage to structures of agar gel through freezing is extensive. Agar gel, frozen by air blast method at atmospheric pressure,collapses and does not recover its gel phase when thawed, so texture after thawing becomes unacceptable. However, if high pressure is applied to frozen agar gel, the damage of gel may be prevented.

So, if we can create a high pressured method freezing, would this prevent the structure from melting too quickly? Throughout this project so far, we have discussed how we do not want to exercise too much control over the end piece of the project – we want the bacteria to change the art and create something very un-perfect. So, keeping that in mind, the thawing and melting of the agar could create something very beautiful and unpredictable. I can imagine that this would create an incredible time-lapse video.. to see a solid shape melt slowly into a liquid. I found this formation of ice crystals onto metal quite mesmerising.. Mark mentioned that crystals would form…. it’s so beautiful!

I also found this video of an egg thawing after being frozen in liquid nitrogen. I love this time-lapse! And this is what I imagine the agar will do…


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