Our Project.

Project Proposal for Interdisciplinary Research

Sub-group name: Everything Agar

Project Collaborators: Mell Fisher, Kitti Edwards, Fred Bell

Keywords of interest in response to the theme Data, Truth & Beauty:

-Growth of bacteria, having bacteria as our data, beauty and truth in one.

-representation of data.

Key areas of research/exploration

  • Agar growth, slime mold growth, bacteria growth – how they react together
  • Molding agar into sculptural forms
  • Material experimentation – latex/resin/modroc

Research activities

  • -Experimenting with molding agar
  • -Artists who use bacteria and sculpture
  • -Bacteria growth experiments > good and bad bacteria
  • -Explore health and safety risks
  • -Seeing how slime mold and bacteria interact with each other
  • -Mold making, heidi charges £1 a roll of modroc
  • -Agar molding experiments

Potential Research Outputs

  • -Sculpture/installation
  • -Time lapse videos
  • -Prints of bacteria
  • -Perspex light installation
  • -An art work will be produced, for the end of the project a model to give a
  • representation of the final outcome. Final outcome will be much larger, there
  • will be various sketches to show what the final outcome will be.


  • -Agar
  • -Modroc
  • -Resin/latex
  • -Perspex
  • -Bacteria
  • -Moulds/casts
  • -Incubator
  • -Antibiotics
  • -Needles
  • -Dishes


  • -Labs
  • -3D rooms
  • -Printers
  • -Photoshop
  • -Incubator


  • HAVE
  • -Photography
  • -3D
  • -Installation experience
  • NEED
  • -Lab Help
  • -Bacteria knowledge (gained through research and mark)

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