Everything Agar

I’ve chosen to join the group Everything Agar. It appeals to something innately childish in me – the idea of growing something and experimenting with science… the only part of science that I ever truly enjoyed. It’s so great to be involved in something that I genuinely have no idea about at all – in a way I think that is an advantage, my imagination is not yet constrained by limitations ( as I know nothing of agar or bacteria as a medium).

This week we finalised our ideas and wrote up our proposal for the project; most importantly, we set out a schedule for research and experimentation – we know we cannot get into the labs until the first week of March, but we have come up with some things we can do in between.

My notes & Questions from the class:

  •  We need to start playing with melting agar and moulding it onto objects or perspex. > can buy it either from amazon or from the supermarket.
  •  Experiment with the thickness and consistency of the agar and how that effects what shapes it can hold and how it sticks to perspex etc.
  •  Need to experiment with resin or latex and see how it ‘freezes’ the agar growth in its current state > how will this effect the way it looks? What will the finish be?
  • Once we get into the labs, we should see how the agar shapes and the bacteria react to different humidities (We could do this at home, but without the bacteria)
  • Can slime moulds grow next to bacteria? How would they react to each other? How would they look visually next to each other? To me, slime mould (if we continue our project path of a sculptural / installation piece of a head) would represent the neurons in our brain – both through the look of them and the way that they find food (inspiration) then go on another journey, which leads to another and then another .. like our thoughts!
  •  Practical lab things; what are the health and safety implements? How can we keep it sterile etc.

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